Club Code of Conduct

We insist that all players, parents, carers and spectators adhere to the following code of conduct.

We would like to avoid unacceptable behaviour in football, on and off the pitch.

  • Never argue with a referee or any linesmen or spectator
  • Never intimidate match officials
  • Never blame the referee for your mistakes or inability
  • Never lose your temper or self control
  • Never take the law into your own hands by retaliation
  • Never cheat
  • Never get involved in matters that do not concern you
  • Never attempt to get opponents into trouble
  • Never copy bad habits of others
  • Never fail to respect the authority of referees

Failure to control your emotions can result in the referee reporting the incident to the League and/or Gloucestershire Football Association. Substantial fines could be imposed and the club banned from playing all football at all ages until the fine is paid.