Organisation of the Club

The club is run by parents and volunteers for the benefit of your children.

In all groups the Club emphasises the F.A’s Respect Policy. More information can be found here.

  • Skills Group: basic ball controls, basic rules and having fun in the spirit of the game.
  • U8: concentration on learning ball skills and the rules of the game
  • U9: learning more skills and introduction to seven-a-side friendly matches on small pitches
  • U10: perfecting skills, learning new more advanced skills and introduction to tactics; playing seven-a-side competitive league matches
  • U11: perfecting skills, learning new more advanced skills and introduction to tactics; playing seven-a-side or eleven-a-side competitive league matches
  • U12: skills, tactics, fitness; playing seven-a-side or eleven-a-side competitive league matches
  • U13 to U18: skills, tactics, fitness; playing eleven-a-side competitive league matches.

To enable your son or daughter to benefit from the opportunity of playing football they need a large amount of support both individually and through your involvement with the Club.

The Chairman is responsible for the overall running of the Club and the support of individual managers and coaches.

The Individuals who run the groups, undertake a structured F.A. training programme. The commitment in time and energy is great, but the personal satisfaction and enjoyment compensates. To function, each group needs a number of helpers, and we are always grateful, and need the help of parents and supporters.

Each year the Club holds an Annual General Meeting which members can attend. Notification of time and date are given in good time. The Club also has a monthly committee meeting to discuss the running of the club. Further details are available from the Chairman. Information can be obtained from the website, up to date news on future events, reports on past events and valuable links to other information are also available.

Wickwar Wanderers Football Club has good support in the village and offers good sporting oppurtunities.

Our strength and opportunities comes through the support of many people in the past and the commitment of many people now.

For your child and all the other members of the Club, both current and future, to continue to have these opportunities we need your support NOW.

All members of the Club will appreciate your help; you in return will make new friends, socialise and enjoy yourself.

You may have a particular skill that would be useful or perhaps you could help with fund-raising? However great or small the contribution you can make, we want to hear from you. Please contact us if you feel you can help.