Parent/Carer Discipline & Behaviour

All parents and carers must fully understand our Code of Conduct.

Support your child and his/her team mates by offering praise whenever possible.

Support the decisions of the referee when ever possible, keeping any criticisms out of earshot.

Do not go onto the pitch unless requested. Foul and abusive language will not be tolerated.

Failure to observe these rules may result in your child’s membership being terminated.

If a parent is cautioned or sent off during a match or reported to the Management Committee then the parent shall:

  • reimburse the Club the amount of the fine imposed by GYFA,
  • be subject to a disciplinary hearing of a panel of 3 team managers convened by the Club Secretary having been notified by the team manager of the offence.
  • a parent may appeal against decision of the panel in writing to the Club Secretary who shall convene an Appeal panel whose decision will be final.