‘Playing up’ Policy

From time-to-time players within WWFC may be asked to ‘play up’ for the next youth team.

‘Playing up’ for other WWFC youth teams

From time-to-time players within WWFC may be asked to ‘play up’ for the next youth team.  They may also be invited to that team’s training sessions.  The attached document sets out WWFC’s key safeguarding principles.  Parents/carers of players being asked to ‘play up’ at matches or attend those training sessions must give consent before the player plays/attends training for the first time each season. 

Any player under 18 years playing/’playing up’ for a WWFC adult team

The principles in the attached document will apply where any WWFC under 17s/under 18s player is being asked to play up for an adult team.  They will also apply where a player does not currently play for a WWFC youth team but is under the age of 18 years and has been asked to play for an adult team.  Parents/carers of the player and the individual player must consent before the player plays for the first team each season.

Note 1 – Playing up’ must be something that the player is happy to do and that the player’s usual manager at WWFC is happy to support.  Players should not feel obliged to ‘play up’ or feel that by refusing the offer of ‘playing up’ on one occasion, they will not get another opportunity.  Making approaches to players via a team’s manager will help to ensure that opportunities for ‘playing up’ arise at various times during the season and that the opportunities are balanced with the requirements of the player’s own team.

NoteThis form must be completed annually in addition to the Club’s Registration Form (unless there is no opportunity for players to ‘play up’/play while under 18).  The manager of the team for whom the player is ‘playing up’/the manager of the adult team for whom the under 18s player is playing must ensure that consent has been obtained and that emergency contact details are to hand at each training session/game.

Note 3 Managers of adult teams must ensure that other players are aware that players under the age of 18 may be attending and that players understand that the attached safeguarding principles must be applied.