Football Frolics Rules

Please read the Football Frolics Rules carefully.

Get on with the game and play football in the spirit of the tournament. Have fun and may the best teams win. Remember this tournament is only made possible by referees and organisers voluntarily giving up their time.

Tournament Rules

  • Shin guards are compulsory
  • Teams must wear a distinguishing strip
  • Any team that fails to turn up will automatically lose its entry fee
  • The games will be 10 minutes in total – 5 minutes each way
  • The organisers will try to ensure each team has a minimum of 3 matches (where teams pull out at the last minute this is not always possible). If there are only two or three teams in a division they may have to play their opponents more than once to achieve the minimum 3 matches.


Match Rules

The rules are a mixture of 5 and 11 a side:

1. Only the Goal Keeper is permitted in the D. Any attacker interfering with play in the D will have a goal kick awarded against them. If a defender clears the ball from the D a penalty will be awarded.

2. Free kicks – all free kicks will be taken at the point at which the infringement occurred but no closer than 2 metres to the D. The defenders may form a wall, but all players defending a free kick must stand at least 1 metre from the ball until the kick is taken.

3. Penalties – will be taken from the penalty spot outside the D.

4. Persistent foul play or dissent – players persistently fouling or arguing with the referee will be cautioned. If they continue they may be sent off.

5. Back Passes – are permitted but the Goal Keeper can not pick up and must get rid of the ball within 3 seconds. Any Keeper wasting time when protected by the D will have a penalty kick awarded against them.

6. Keepers – may pick up the ball if it enters the D during the normal course of play, but they must not kick it out, they must roll or throw the ball back into play within the 3 second time rule.

7. Throw ins – The ball must be returned using a standard 11 a side throw in.

8. Corners – As per 11 a side.

9. Goal Kicks – Are taken from anywhere inside the D.

10. Substitutions – Rolling Substitutions are permitted when the ball is out of play.


Games will be scored 3 points per win 1 per draw. Teams will play on a league basis and the team with most points will win their division. If teams are level on points, goal difference will decide, if equal goals scored. If teams can not be separated a penalty competition will take place (5 per Team followed by sudden death if required).

In the event of any dispute the ruling of the Tournament Referee will be final.