4th June 2020

Reaction from George and Rob

Firstly, congratulations on promotion, what are your initial feelings surrounding this year’s promotion, your third in as many years in charge?

It was a really progressive season for us. Right from the start of the year we introduced a first team committee to help cement a feeling of sustainability in the club, one where a single person is not the sole driving force. We knew it was another step up for us, but we cemented ourselves in the league quickly, consistently giving a good account of ourselves and building up our points total. Even through tough periods of injuries and players missing, we kept getting the points we needed.

What do you put the success down to?

Rob and I’s success in this role to date has been down to a lot of different factors. First of all is the loyalty to the club we grew up with. With the state the club was left in when Rob first stepped up to takeover, it would have been easy to pack it in at the end of 16/17 season. But I don’t think we ever even considered that an option. In that first season, we lent heavily on experienced players like Max, Jay, Lee and Conner and youngsters coming through the ranks such as Ellis. I think we also introduced a fair competition based player selection process combined with extremely successful recruitment of new players such as Tom Backx, Tom Issac, Zach Drew, Will Romain amongst many others, combined with our under 18s team players, Robbie H being the early standout from the group. While we have always prioritised winning, we’ve tried to make sure everyone enjoys playing for this club.

What were your highlights of the season?

Highlights for the season, 3 big ones for me, the 1st one was the win against Wotton, which was followed by our highly successful curry and quiz night. The second was our performance against Eastcombe at home, we went in with a plan and executed to perfection. Lastly was from my sun lounger in Mexico, where I got live Twitter updates from Chesterton feed as the goals went in, we were given no chance in the game by anyone and can’t wait for the final, our last game in charge.

If you could sum this side up in 3 words what would they be?

Young, hungry and talented.

Finally, you have both decided to step down from your roles as mangers, what message would you like to say to the players?

We want to thank all the players that have played for us, be it the week in week out regulars or the ones that have plugged a hole when we where left short after we initially took the team over. We want to thank all those that put the hours in off the pitch, people like the committee, that have made the decision to step away that little bit easier. Also each of the squad that stepped up to get the curry and quiz night done, a big event that really helped the club. Lastly, we want to personally give a big thanks to Ellis Cox, who has always been the first to raise his hand from Day 1. Future club captain, who does so much more than just play CM for us.