6th May 2010

Sporty West Sponsorship

Wickwar Wanderers are pleased to announce they have agreed a sponsorship tie-up with, a local sports and leisure website. The site is run by freelance newspaper reporter Simon Parkinson, who lives in the village with his wife Sue and children Ella and Harry.

Simon felt compelled to make a contribution to the club after witnessing first-hand the efforts that go into the running of the junior section by willing parents and coaches. He explained: “I was enjoying a beer in the Buthay with a member of the club a few years ago and he told me about football training taking place at the playing fields on Sunday mornings. “My own son Harry was about six at the time and didn’t appear to be that interested in football, but I took him along and he became hooked like so many others have been. “You cannot underestimate the importance of a facility like this in a village like ours. It gives so many kids not only the opportunity to play their favourite game, but it teaches them valuable team skills and work ethics. “Football in Wickwar offers our children far more than just balls (and opponents!) to kick. The highs and lows, trials and tribulations that young players experience on the pitch are mirrored in life too. The right encouragement can make a big difference to a child’s mental wellbeing when it comes to how they face up to future challenges, such as finding employment and setting up home.” Simon added: “There’s little doubting many of the kids involved at the club today have the capacity to play at a good level of amateur football and, who knows, one or two might find their way into the pro game. “If others make it no further than regular substitute appearances for Wickwar’s senior sides, and/or become successful businessmen and good parents because their confidence and enthusiasm levels were enhanced by playing football at Wickwar, then the club will have done its job.”

The agreement with Simon means the sportywest logo will feature on more than 100 training tops set to be distributed to members of the junior section and their coaches in due course, as well as appearing on club leaflets and notices.

Club chairman Bob Banister said: “We are really grateful to Simon at for supporting us and helping to buy new kit for the junior sides. Without this type of support from local businesses the club would not be able to function and provide the facilities and equipment needed to promote healthy sporting activity in the village.”